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H & H Development is

committed to providing first-class housing services to qualifying mental health consumers throughout all local Counties. Since 2019, H & H Development LLC has been the area's leader in the development and management of quality affordable housing units and the provision of housing related services. Whether it is the development and construction of new housing, the rehabilitation of existing housing units, or the administration of rent subsidy programs: HHDC strives to increase access to safe, decent, and affordable housing for all families. As a private family and veteran owned business, HHDC has forged partnerships with local contractors to make the best suitable homes in the market.

The Drawing Board

We design our ideas based off of what you need from the home. Our first meeting is all about you. We are there to make your dream home exists and make a home out of your existing home. We enjoy catering to lawns and upkeeping the property with our additional service that we can provide. Sure there are a lot of of realtors and other companies that can rennovate your home, but we have that special touch to every cutomer. We treat you like family and take care of your property every step of the way.

Our Partners

Our partners are dedicated to you as much as we are. We share the same goal and vision for each and every customer. Families come to us for a home to live in with school and etnertainment accommodaties. We go beyond their expectations and leave them with the sense of gratitude and friendly that they don't expect to see. Our drive is to be the most referred to in the business of helping others. Everyday we help other people and work hard to meet their expectations every moment in the process

After Signing

Imagine that day finally comes and you are visioning that first move in day. You have signed all the necessary papers, you and your family had been waiting anxiously to move in, and you have been with us every step of the way. But H & H Development doesn't stop there, they continue to provide any necessary maintenance your home will need as the years come. We want you to continue the feeling of sceurity and comfort when in your home, because that is what we would want too.

Your lawn is our lawn

We built or remodeled your home, and we have spent more time with it than anyone else. We seen your land, the vegetation, and what your home to be beautiful inside and out. With our landscaping and optional contracted lawn care, we will leave no stone unturned and no bush over looked. When you come to your new home everyday, we want you to have the same experience as the first time over and over again for many years to come. We believe that most people who buy a house will keep in the family's name. We strive to make it your trophy home for all generations.

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